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NEW! Baby Bastard Steel Shot Blast Cabinet

NEW! Baby Bastard Steel Shot Blast Cabinet – ABS-Products.com

Top Loading Soda Blaster We are Building Them Again.

Small Soda Blaster, compact soda blaster, shop soda blaster

Top Loading Soda Blaster By ABS-Products.com

We are building the space saving top loading Soda Blaster again!

This unit is ONLY 30″ wide by 18″ deep and will fit in your home garage.

This one is on its way to Colin M. in Bolton, MA. He will be using for Race Car Chassis Parts, also Equestrian Equipment and miscellaneous projects around the home.

Just because you are tight on space doesn’t restrict you from getting a quality soda blaster.

Here is a link for more info. 714-671-0728



ABS Products at PRI 2013 Indianapolis

ABS Products is at the 2013 PRI show in Indianapolis. We will be in booth #2509 while the Performance Trader magazine will be in Booth #5215.

ABS Products will be bringing a N-200 Soda Blaster, Cobra Soda Blaster, 36×36 Power Peen Blaster, Baby Bastard Blaster/Camouflager, HA-100 Crank Polisher, our Head Assembler and 2 crank racks. Be sure to come by the booth for demonstrations and to talk to Gary Thompson and the team.

We will also have Piston Ring Grinders, Rod Weighing Fixtures, dampener pullers including the NEW Puller/Installer for the LS7 motors. We’ll also our Bob Weights, Tungsten Heavy Metal, Valve Spring Compressors and Seat Chucks for you to check out.

Please call and let us know if there is anything else you would like to see! We’re at 714-671-0728 and looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the show.

Another great Piston Ring Grinder testimonial:

After using it I kick myself for waiting so long to buy one. I should have bought it years ago – Incredible accuracy on ring gaps!

Rob Vine
Rob Vine Racing Engines – Ontario, Canada

Check out this amazing testimonial


I am writing to you to let you know how pleased I am with my new high performance series ring filer. Here we build all types of engines and we use various types of ring materials. We use a lot of steel rings for forced induction applications and our old ring grinder just wasn’t cutting it….literally. After grinding two cylinders worth of rings, I would have to stop and let it charge back up, which wastes a lot of my valuable time. With your performance ring grinder it makes the job so fast and easy and it lets me get the job done quickly with very clean, straight, and accurate ring gaps. There are just so many products out there that don’t live up to your expectations so I just had to tell you how great this tool is. It’s really worth spending the little extra money for a quality tool that works.

Thanks for a tool that works,
Rob Mahler
Mahler Engine Service