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Testimonial: University of Louisville, KY

“The ABS Products system arrived today. All I have to say is WOW that is one sexy machine (I bet no one ever called your systems sexy before). Thank you for your help on this and we look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with ABS Products.

Just as a side note one of the first products scheduled for the blaster will help protect our troops in the field and we are proud to use equipment from a small business to achieve our goals. You should be proud of your product, it is well made, sturdy and a testament to your companies core values. Give your team a big thank you from the University of Louisville.”

“BTW I will be ordering 2 more of these systems in January/February time frame with the same configuration as we expand our lab here at the University of Louisville.”

- Ed T.

Top Loading Soda Blaster We are Building Them Again.

Small Soda Blaster, compact soda blaster, shop soda blaster

Top Loading Soda Blaster By ABS-Products.com

We are buildingĀ the space saving top loading Soda Blaster again!

This unit is ONLY 30″ wide by 18″ deep and will fit in your home garage.

This one is on its way to Colin M. in Bolton, MA. He will be using for Race Car Chassis Parts, also Equestrian Equipment and miscellaneous projects around the home.

Just because you are tight on space doesn’t restrict you from getting a quality soda blaster.

Here is a link for more info. 714-671-0728