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Universal Cylinder Head Work Station -

Workstation Complete With:
  • Foot-operated mechanical valve spring compressor
  • Revolving fixture which locks and tilts for any compound angle or canted valve heads
  • Adapter for holding valve springs open for easy assembly and disassembly

See the Universal Cylinder Head Work Station in action!


Questions? Call 714-671-0728! We have 27 years of experience in producing the Cylider Head Restoration products!

Foam pads to support the valves Steel plates to hold the foam pads in place
Install the cam on the fixture Put lifters & followers in afte
the cam is installed
Rollover cam, install spacer unde
the valves to hold them open
Change the pucks with the cam installed
It may cost a little more, but it does a lot more!!! Call for special pricing Rollover fixture tilts side to
side for canted valves

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